Make Life Easier With Great Baby Strollers

Life with little children is definitely a challenge. Any seasoned parent knows that dealing with children requires patience and a lot of understanding. And any seasoned parent knows that there are two times when life with kids is the most peaceful. At night when they are asleep and during the day when they are strapped into something such as a car seat or baby strollers. These are the times when new parents in particular get some peace.

Kids Are Great, Strollers Are Cool

Don’t get me wrong, I really like my kids. All kids in general actually, their youth brings a sense of joviality that’s hard to describe. Kids are definitely a lot of work, yet somehow through that they manage to lift your spirit. It’s a crazy combination. Baby Pram
One of the coolest things I found as the male counterpart to the family equation was all the cool stuff you had to buy when you have these little gaffers. Ok, ‘need’ is an overstatement, but the fact is checking out and buying baby stuff, like baby strollers, monitors, formula warmers and so on is actually a lot of fun.

Many Kids, Many Activities, Many Strollers

Our household is a busy one. The truth is we are an active busy family. We like to walk, go places, travel, exercise and just generally keep busy and active. This means, of course, that we have to have strollers to match our activities. Now that doesn’t mean we intended to go out and buy a new stroller for each new activity, but that’s essentially what happened. It was in fact a combination of the fact that we had our children close together as well as having a lot of things to do.


Take jogging for example. The one thing you can definitely NOT do with an everyday stroller or a lightweight stroller is jog. Do not do that, it’s dangerous. Some non-jogging strollers quote ‘light-jogging’ as being ok. It’s not OK, trust me we learned that lesson the hard way. Fortunately it only involved scrapes and scratches, but it could have been a whole lot worse. So we actually bought a proper jogging stroller, the Jeep Overland Limited. It’s a single that has all the features that I wanted, air filled wheels, mp3 player connector and so on. But it didn’t last long as our primary jogger. Our sure, we still have it and use it. But when child number 2 arrived 16 months later, we need a double jogger.


Cycling is key activity for us. We have lots of trails around our house and we make good use of them. But to make the kids as safe as possible we like to use the bike trailer style stroller that also easily converts. It’s by far the safest choice. These things don’t tip and are large and brightly covered for those odd times you may have to deal with a roadside bike trail. They are much safer then the big plastic seats you see attached to the back of bicycles.

The Mall

I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy man handling a large lumpy stroller around the mall. I don’t appreciate it either. For this reason, we actually picked up a value priced lightweight stroller. The kids are fine in it for shorter periods of time and it’s super easy to flip in and out of the car.

It Never Ends

It just seems like it never ends. The truth is however we are on the verge of being finished with our strolling. As the kids age, they like to walk more than stroll. But the 2 year old still needs on and the four year old likes to join her occasionally. We have made very good use of the strollers we have purchased, and they have too!

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