Can the UPPAbaby Vista Go on the Sand?

We are receiving query from people asking Can the UPPAbaby Vista Go on the Sand? So, we did it’s experiment and find out the below answer.

UPPAbaby Vista Go on the Sand?

It will depend a bit on the sand. It will probably be fine on the sand. But for sand it is great to have huge air tires. But you have to consider the damage that ocean water/salt/humidity will do to metal.

Some people complain taking it over the soft sand at beach is really hard and frustrating even with locked wheels.

Warmer weather generally indicates more time at the playground or near the water. That can mean your stroller is on sandier terrain. Sand and dirt can get into the wheel and reason for shrilling sounds or make a stroller not move as smoothly.

After strolling through sand and dirt, we suggest removing the wheels from your stroller and wiping off any dirt or sand from the wheel. You also want to ensure the wheel house is free from dirt and sand. You can use canned air to spray the dirt out, or use soap and water to clean the area. Keeping both the wheel housing and the wheels free from sand and dirt will allow for the smoothest ride!

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