Best Sit and Stand Strollers for Infant and Toddler – A Complete Buying Guide

When it comes to having multiple kids, you want to have something that is going to be able to hold them all. If you have a baby and a toddler, the best way to do this is by getting a best sit and stand stroller. Not only can the bigger one sit or stand in the back, but the little one can sit up front in the smaller seat. Everyone can be happy with a stroller that’s made especially for them.

Sit and stand strollers or tandem strollers are ones that come with a seat in the front and a standing platform and a small bench seat in the back. This is ideal for your infant and your older kid who wants to ride along with the baby casually. Whether you’re going to a festival or the park, having a sit and stand stroller makes taking more than one child out a lot easier!

What is a Sit and Stand Stroller

Sit and stand strollers are in-line strollers (i.e., tandems) that have a regular seat in the front which can also take an infant car seat below. It has a standing platform/small bench seat in the back for an older child who wants to casually ride along – or stand!

If you have an older kid who is more than 2 years and able to walk then the sit and stand stroller must be a good option When your baby grows up your big baby can sit in a regular seat. After becoming old you can take off the seat or replace the seat with the stand and the bench.

Like double side-by-side strollers, sit-and-stands usually have a large under seat storage basket that’s ideal for carrying groceries, baby essentials, etc.

7 Best Sit and Stand Strollers 2019

best sit and stand strollers review

Finally, if you are looking for the best sit and stand strollers for your kids which will fulfill all your requirements. If you are buying a stroller it’s like you are buying a car for you little kids. This is not a thing that you will buy and you will use it for one time. This is a thing that you can use it for years for your growing family so quality and features are quite important while buying a stroller not only the price.

Choosing a baby stroller takes careful thought and consideration – because the safety of your children while you are on the move is important. We have researched some of the most popular models on the market to help you decide.

Graco RoomFor2 Stand & Ride

Graco RoomFor2 Stand & Ride Review

The Graco RoomFor2 Stand & Ride stroller allows an older child to sit or stand in the back while a younger child sits in the front, either in the stroller seat or in the attached child car seat. Users say that this practical buggy is easy to fold and easy to control.

Technical Features

  • The front seat features a multi-position inclination which is very beneficial for your kids mainly when your kids are falling asleep.
  • To allow the child to sit or stand on the platform conveniently, the bench seat is padded.
  • This stroller is suitable for your newborn baby because this tandem style stroller is easily adjustable for all Graco connect infant car seats.
  • The stroller is Made of Metal and the machine seats are washable and quite easy to clean.
  • This stroller is basically one-hand fold with storage latch.
  • It includes the child cup holder can be removed; therefore, the car seat snaps inside the remaining bar without any hassles.
  • Easy maneuverability and control.
  • Multi-position inclination seats.
  • Suitable for your newborn baby.
  • Difficult-to-access memory.
  • Lack of padding for the child in the back.

Why we like it: This stroller is convenient for 2 big children because it can hold 50 pounds for each seat which is huge and much heavier than other strollers. Another special thing is this stroller is intended to connect smoothly with the Classic connect seats of Graco.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller Review

Thanks to a five-point harness system, adjustable seats and a sturdy design, the Baby Trend Sit N Standing Stroller offers passengers a comfortable ride and peace of mind to their riders. The configuration is slightly different from the Graco model listed above; The rear seat provides space for a second child car seat, if desired, or moving to a sit-or-style.

Technical Features

  • There is the availability of a front seat to make sure a kid can sit directly inside the stroller seat. Also, the second child can conveniently sit or ride in back.
  • This stroller comes with a Britax newborn car seat which is great and quite helpful while you are traveling around the town with your newborn baby.
  • The Sit N Stand folds easily and will fit into most trunks without an issue.
  • The front seat does recline, but not all the way back – and when it’s reclined, that leaves less space for a toddler to stand.
  • Five-point harness.
  • Adjustable seats.
  • Robust design.

Fairly heavy.

Difficult-to-access storage basket.

Why we like it: This is great for moms with an infant and another younger child. This is one of the best and popular sit and stands model of the strollers because it provides all the facilities that parents need for a stroller at an affordable price.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller Review

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight, like the Graco, lets you see an older child, either standing or sitting on a bench in the back, while a younger kid sits in front. It’s known for a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver design.

The facility of the front seat and rear bench seat makes sure your kid stay safe while traveling. This product comes with the parent organizer and a universal car seat adapter to ensure hassle-free strolling experience.

Technical Features

  • The Joovy stroller features an over sized canopy with a sun visor extension that protects both children from the sun and other environmental elements.
  • The lightweight frame is made of aluminum alloy and is 20% lighter than the original style by the same manufacturer.
  • You can easily move around with a younger child of less than 2 years old at the front, and an older child of about 5 years old behind.
  • You can easily fold it and store in your car trunk, then bring it out again when you need to move around outdoors with your children.
  • The parent organizer space is spacious enough to store important and handy items.
  • Weight makes it easy to push and turn.
  • The toddler can easily get in and get out of the stroller.
  • It is compact enough for you to fold it and store.

Relatively small storage basket.

Limited space for the child in the back.

The front tray protrudes a bit.

Why we like it: Due to its lightweight structure, the stroller just weighs 23 lbs. but it is capable to withstand the maximum child weight of 90 lbs. The four wheels are made of high quality plastic, with the front wheels offering a swivel capacity. This makes it easy to maneuver on rougher terrain, in malls, around corners, and other ‘hard to get around’ places. This ultralight stroller also provides you and many more parents with the luxury of keeping important items which they need, closer to them.

Cynebaby Double Stroller Sit n Stand

Cynebaby Double Stroller Review

Are you experiencing hassles while bringing your kids to a theme park or grocery shop? You need to ease your experience by investing in a double stroller. It is made of the extremely sturdy aluminum frame to accommodate your kid’s weight.

This double stroller has a front seat suitable for little babies and a rear platform or rear bench seat ideal for older toddlers.

Technical Features

  • The older toddlers can stand on the platform or seat on the rear bench when they are tired.
  • It has a rotatable canopy and a rear seat canopy extension that helps to prevent your kids from sunlight and dust.
  • The front wheel can rotate 360-degree, and it can pass through most doorways easily.
  • Functional and versatile.
  • Rotatable canopy.
  • High-quality construction.
  • It can be a little heavy for skinny moms.

Why we like it: It’s easy to fold and unfold, and light to carry. The front seat leans back and the foot rest extends so baby can put feet up. The tray comes off easily and makes it nice for diaper changes instead of using gross public bathroom changing tables. It’s very sturdy.

Graco Uno2Duo Sit n Stand Stroller

Graco Uno2Duo Sit n Stand Stroller

Graco has a new range of strollers that are designed to meet the needs of parents with two kids. The Graco double stroller is highly flexible and comes in many versions to suit your specific needs. The Graco stroller Uno2 Duo can easily convert from a single seater to a double seater in minutes to accommodate your toddler and infant or your twins!

Technical Features

  • The Uno2Duo can also be purchased as a travel system. The all-inclusive system comes with the Uno2Duo stroller and the Graco SnugRide® SnugLock™ 35 Infant Car Seat.
  • This is a very lightweight stroller in spite of having quite a big capacity, and it folds up in one simple motion which the brand describe as only using one hand.The convertible 3-5 point harness system grows with your child ensuring safety in every stage as he or she grows.
  • It features a cup holder and phone holder and provides ample storage.
  • The seat frame and the seat pad can be cleaned using mild soap and warm water.
  • Super easy to convert the stroller into a double stroller.
  • Lightweight and easy to fold.
  • Compatible with a lot of Graco car seats.

It’s super tricky to uninstall the wheels.

Not as much storage and drinks holders as other models.

Why we like it: It is offering the ultimate versatility to fit the needs of every family. One great benefit of buying a Graco product is the fact that they have so many different car seats, and these are compatible with the Graco Uno2Duo Stroller. The Graco stroller is easy to care for and maintain.

JOOVY Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller

JOOVY Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller Review

The joovy is great for many things. However, you will love it mostly for its versatility and flexibility. It features high quality specs and comes very durable. It’s definitely a stroller that will last in the family for a long time to come.

It can accommodate children from 6 months on wards with an impressive carrying capacity of up to 45lbs.

Technical Features

  • This double stroller offers a cool, contemporary style and its canopies are made of a strong 600D nylon material to offer your kids a cool ride and to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • It grow with your children makes it an even better choice for the growing family with multiple children.
  • The front seat reclines in two positions so it doesn’t completely fall on the back seat space.
  • It features a tiger fold that is quick and easy.
  • Swing-open tray.
  • Light, easy to push and maneuverable.
  • Front-wheel suspension, front swivel-wheel locks, and rear brakes.
  • Ample storage space.
  • Reclined front seat takes space for the backs seat passenger.

Why we like it: It features high quality specs and comes very durable. The tandem stroller is a great choice of the stroller for children of different ages. Each child needs something a little different from the other. Older kids love the freedom and independence of the back seat configuration with a hop-on standing platform.

Chicco BravoFor2 Standing

Chicco BravoFor2 Standing Stroller Review

The Chicco sit and stand stroller is another amazing choice. It is easy to push and ensures a smooth ride for the little ones. It offers a lot of room for storage and comes with a zippered pocket. The parent tray has a storage compartment and two cup holders. The large storage basket offers both front and rear access.

This product features a traditional stroller seat plus back seat and standing platform (for big kids to sit or stand). It includes a 5-point harness, adjustable canopy and detachable child tray.

Technical Features

  • Chicco’s BravoFor2 is safe and sturdy. A 5-point safety harness holds children in the forward-facing seat, and it’s so well-designed that releasing the straps is even easy.
  • This stroller works with the Chicco brand infant car seats, so you don’t have to take your infant out of the bucket seat when he’s asleep.
  •  The BravoFor2 has a large canopy that covers a seated child well and protects against sun.
  • The car seat sits comfortably locked in place, without wiggle room on the top.
  • The back seat folds away easily when unoccupied.
  • Easy-grip handles.
  • Easy to steer and push.
  • Handle isn’t height adjustable.
  • Stroller is heavy for some parents.
  • Front seat does not recline much.

Why we like it: It is a hit among parents who are of the opinion that it drives smoothly, although a little difficult to handle. Another great feature that parents love is the ability to collapse in place and then being able to stand alone once folded.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sit and Stand Stroller

How do you decide which is best sit and stand stroller is you? Think about the features that matter the most to you.

If you are expecting your second baby maybe you are thinking to buy one of these. The sit and stand strollers are multipurpose and very useful. All of these have the opportunity to snap in a car seat.

Car Seat Compatibility

Though few types are simply able to accommodate any kind of car seat with a common adapter, rest are not. Anyway, even if you have any car seat, it is better to check and ensure your newborn car seat. Which can be accommodated properly by your sit and stand stroller.


All these come with the feature that your baby can stand to face you or not. These also come with the feature that your older baby can stand and ride on the standing platform or can sit. You need to consider is there enough room to sit your baby. You also need to check the availability of the personal storage and does it fulfill your demands because you may need to carry all your kid’s belongings with you. Is there a place to hold a big fat travel mug? Though these are not the major things to consider but still comforts come first.

Seat Comfort

The most important thing to consider is the seat for your babies. Are they enough comfortable for them or not? How easily you can manage the stroller with your single hand while in rush or doing something with your hand. What about the wheels are they smooth enough for all types of the path? Is it easily fold able or not.


Even though it’s a “sit and stand” stroller, your older child may spend quite a bit of time sitting down – and you need to make sure s/he is safe. While a five-point harness is obviously ideal, don’t go for anything less than a three-point harness.


Sit and stand strollers can be heavy, and you have to think about your ability to lift this stroller in and out of your vehicle. Is it too cumbersome for you to lift if you’re alone? Plus, you have to consider if it will fit into your vehicle’s trunk.While all sit and stand strollers are larger than traditional strollers because of their design, you can find some that don’t weigh as much.

Now by using these strollers, your kids can get the message from their parents rapidly without any difficulty. If he gets exhausted and wants to have a rest, he can stand on the standing platform or sit on the seat and is able to handle easily.

Final Words

Though there’s no right or wrong sit and stand stroller, there are basic guidelines for how to choose.  All the best sit and stand strollers mentioned here have everything any mom looks for. They are price friendly, designed for maximum performance and most importantly, favors comfort.

You might be surprised to see that each one of them comes with their own unique features. Being able to hold up to two or more children while on the go will ensure that you’re not confined to your home, because let’s face it, no one wants to be when it comes to having a way to stroll around with multiple kids around the area.

Before buying a stroller you can check all the products reviews because without having a trail ride you won’t understand how to manage. Sometimes it is easy to handle while noting in the seats but with your baby may be not smooth enough to push.

Have you ever used any of these strollers? Do you have a favorite sit and stand stroller? Let us know in the comments!

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