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Whether is was a complete surprise or as the result of perhaps pregnancy assisting therapies. The arrival of twins, while wonderful, can certainly be overwhelming. Having two children very close in age can be a similar experience, though the sleep deprivation you experience right from the start is definitely worse with twins. And or course, many of the needs of 2 babies, like best side by side double stroller for example, is similarly interesting isn’t it? I’m not speaking from personal experience with respect to twins, but our kids where very close in age. Even so, there was still a solid year and a half between them.

best side by side double stroller 2018

With respect to equipment however, we did have the same problems as a couple with twins. Our best side by side double stroller are the perfect example. We essentially needed baby strollers for twins as far as purchasing were concerned. We needed a stroller that would accommodate the 16 month old, who could sort of walk a little bit as well as the infant, who clearly was not walking or crawling anywhere for awhile! ( side note – it amazes how quickly that stage has passed us….) We also needed another high chair, car seat, a new set of diapers (different size) so on. But the main goal was to find a decent double stroller we knew would suit us. We were also planning a third, though not for a year or two. But, we knew she coming, and odds are, even though the current baby would be toddler or older, he would probably still occasionally want to be in the stroller. This turned out to be pretty much true. The middle child was actually quite ready to follow his older sister on his feet, as it turned out, and was not all that interested in the stroller. But we did get a few months out of it on the second round.

Now, I’m one of these people that actually enjoy buying stuff for kids and baby’s. That’s part of the reason for this blog, I just enjoy. But just the same I like to get value for my money. I have discovered that buying a decent stroller and paying a little more for it is worthwhile. The simple reason is I they tend to last longer. I have also found that if you spend a little more, you aren’t buying a milli accessory and so on to complement it.

The Solution is Buy Best Side by Side Double stroller

We had a few other considerations also. I actually liked leaving the infant in the car seat when they are so small. And of course, there are times when perhaps they are sleeping and what’s the sense of waking them up? Also, I feel they are pretty safe in that car seat. If they get bumped or banged in some way they are going to feel it. Also, there is much less chance of someone bumping into you and you dropping your baby. Yes, it happens, not much, but it does. So why not minimize the chances. They are nice and comfy and safe in that car seat. So leave them there! The answer for us was the Bumbleride Indie Twin. With it you can:

Attach The Car Seat – My main criteria to keep them asleep and/or out of harm’s way

Easy To Fold – This is a big deal because it’s a fairly large unit

Air Filled Tires – This is important to me because we do a lot of nature trails

Variety Of Colors – I couldn’t care less, but my wife likes a choice

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Bumbleride Indie Twin Features

The engineers at Bumbleride clearly put a lot of though into the details of the Indie Twin. You can tell they have learned their lessons of the years very well. Why do I say this? It’s because you can see it in the details. Take for example the Canopy. Sure, lots of strollers have a canopy. But the Indie makers went to the trouble of spec’ing it to SPF 45. And, they bothered to test it to actually make that claim.


The foot rests and headrests for the kids actually move independently on the Indie Twin. If you have two kids that are a different size and age, i.e. a toddler and a baby, then this is an absolute must. Also, each Canopy moves independently as well for the same reason. Often times our youngest would be asleep while the 18 month old wanted to be up and looking around. This lets you accomplish that.


The handlebar itself can be moved up and down. I dunno about your family, but my mate and I are not exactly the same height. It’s good to be able to adjust that bar depending on who’s pushing, and it’s smart that it’s easy and quick to do it.

A Cornucopia Of Colour

You can get the thing in about a caj-gillion colors. Henry Ford once said something like “You can have the Model-T in any color you like as long as it’s black.” Stroller manufacturers tend to be somewhat the same. Not so with the Indie Twin. Just checkout all the different colors available on Amazon. I’m not that concerned with color to be honest, but my husband likes to have a few choices. Buying these things might as well be fun.

Easy To Fold Down

It’s critical in my opinion that your stroller is easy to fold up and pitch in the trunk or back of the mini-van. The Indie twin is super easy to fold down and pitch in the car. You can see from the video, that the wheels also flip off very easy to make it a little smaller and flatter to stow.

Air Filled Tires and Suspension Travel

This may not seem like a big deal, but having air the tires and a suspension system is a big plus. The air filled tires make travelling or rough terrain like a nature trail easier for the person pushing the stroller. The suspension system makes the ride nicer for the little persons in the stroller.

This double stroller is a very nice unit. It has served our family very well and if I had to do it all over again, I would buy another in a heartbeat.

Buy Bumbleride Indie Twin

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