Best Double Stroller for Toddler and Baby – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Whether it is a complete surprise or as the result of perhaps pregnancy assisting therapies. The arrival of twins, while wonderful, can certainly be overwhelming. Having two children very close in age can be a similar experience, though the sleep deprivation you experience right from the start is definitely worse with twins.

Off course, there is need of many accessories for two babies, like best double stroller for infant and toddler for example, is similarly interesting isn’t it? I’m not speaking from personal experience with respect to twins, but our kids where very close in age. Even so, there was still a solid year and a half between them.

However with respect to equipment, we did have the same problems as a couple with twins. Our best side by side double stroller is the perfect example. We essentially needed baby strollers for twins as far as purchasing were concerned.

We needed a stroller that would accommodate the 16 month old, who could sort of walk a little bit as well as the infant, who clearly was not walking or crawling anywhere for awhile! We also needed another high chair, car seat, a new set of diapers (different size) so on. But the main goal was to find a decent double stroller we knew would suit us.

Now, I’m one of these people that actually enjoy buying stuff for kids and baby’s. That’s part of the reason for this blog, I just enjoy. But just the same I like to get value for my money. I have discovered that buying a decent stroller and paying a little more for it is worthwhile.

The simple reason is it tends to last longer. I have also found that if you spend a little more, you aren’t buying a mille accessory and so on to complement it. So the solution I found was to buy best double stroller for infant and toddler.

Top 5 Best Double Stroller for Infant and Baby

To start off, we present to you the five best double stroller for infant and toddler which comprise of the top three most high-rated and well-loved brands we have today. Check out their double stroller reviews and see if any of them fit into your lifestyle and daily routine.

As there’s no perfect product that exists, these double stroller reviews come with both positive and negative feedback from its users but if you check the average product ratings and individual scores for each, the pros far outweigh the cons.
So, depending upon which flaw you deem as not really a major issue, we present the comparison of the features of the three best double strollers including their ratings and price.

B-Agile Double Stroller – Best Side by Side Double Stroller

best double stroller for infant and toddler

Top on the best double stroller for infant and toddler list is the Britax-B Agile Double Stroller, which is a Side-by-Side Double Stroller that’s a proven favorite among parents. For my part, I like it because it’s very lightweight, compact and easy to fold.

Technical Features

  • It’s easy to bring especially during travel and if you love going to amusement parks.
  • Easy to fold and fit in standard sized car trunks too so another plus point to make it the perfect stroller for our outings.
  • The Britax-B Agile Double Stroller is easy to handle. From assembly up until navigation, it’s really easy to figure out so even first-time parents would really appreciate its being user-friendly.
  • Evaluating in it at a reduced 13.2 kg the Britax B-Agile Double is an active yet agile dual stroller. Each seat has a different recline, they can both be done using accessible as well as through the downfall of a band.
  • The terrific feature of the recline is that it has a lay-flat placement which is suitable for the use of babies. So depending on the age of your kids, you could even have a 4 year old next to a newborn.
  • The stroller is excellent for 2nd time parents or for those with twins. Each seat unit likewise has a cushioned 5-point safety belt.
  • It can fit via average sized doorways, which is not something you listen to daily about a double stroller.
  • The front wheels are lockable 360 level swivel wheels, so regardless of on the surface ought to offer a comfortable ride. By having the ability to lock these wheels it also makes longer walks easier as will quit the buggy moving about too much.


Each seat has an independently adjustable sun canopy. Each canopy has a peek-a-boo design window.

Two big baskets near the bottom, one under each seat, which come from all four sides of the stroller.

It’s also equipped with 2 useful zip up back pockets which are suitable for maintaining secrets, phones or valuables etc.

Easy to Attach with Infant Car Seat.

  • Not compatible with other brands of car seats
  • Storage area is not so spacious

Why we like it: The Britax-B Agile Double Stroller reviews showed that it’s still well-appreciated and that only means that many parents find it satisfactory to use despite some flaws. At the price it’s sold, combined with the conveniences it has to offer, the double stroller reviews for this product show that it’s considered a done struck deal.

Baby Trend Expedition – Best Double Jogging Stroller

Best Side by Side Double StrollerAre you a parent of more then one children and are looking for durable stroller for the comfortable ride of your children. The baby trend Dual Stroller is a popular choice of the parents who have twins or two children.

It provides you smooth ride and also you can enjoy the music as it comes with mp3 hook up speakers. Lightweight, quick folding, compact size, and comfortable for the kids. This stroller is just lovable in every sense of it.

The jogging stroller uses 5 point harness that is adjustable to fit and secure children of different sizes comfortably, ensuring even fussy kids stay on their seats while mom and dad are jogging.

Technical Features

  • Suitable for children from 6 months-50 lbs (each child).
  • Multi-position seat recline with 5-point safety harness.
  • Locking front swivel wheels with foot-activated rear brake system.
  • Designed for children from 6-50 pounds (each child).
  • 16″ rear and 12″ front all-terrain.
  • Lightweight, sturdy construction. Quick release tires for storage and travel.

Why we like it: This is an amazing stroller! You will not regretted this purchase. Even if you are not jogging, this stroller can go on any trail and road. It goes over rough ground because the wheels and it goes over curbs so much easier! It has a nice place to put your phone, ipod, or other items. It has two cup holders for you and two for your kid. The back adjusts and the baby trend car seat snaps right in. We would definitely recommend this stroller.

Joovy Scooter X2 – Best Twin Stroller

twin stroller

Third place on the best double stroller list is the Joovy Scooter x2 which is a side-by-side stroller. Now, while many parents find it hard to steer, consider the Joovy Scooter to be an exception. For starters, it measures 30” wide only so what I like about this is it means that this best double stroller can fit through most doorways. No more awkward, getting stuck moments while people behind wait for you to find a way to get through.

Technical Features

  • The Joovy Scooter x2 Double Stroller has roomy seats so this means kids will fit well with extra headroom to spare. This is a feature many parents particularly love.
  • The wheels are 7 ″ in the front as well as 9.5 ″ in the back. Once more, NOT an all-terrain stroller, but it rolls pretty perfectly on smooth surfaces.
  • This stroller is simple to fold: just recline both seats, involve the emergency brake, then twist the handle and fold it down. It secures on the side with a metal clip.
  • The Joovy Scooter X2 comes equipped with an over sized canopy (one of the largest on the market) to provide plenty of shade for your little passengers.
  • There are 2 mesh cup holders and two zippered pockets for your smaller items– as well as a LARGE storage basket beneath.
  • Narrow and lightweight
  • Independently reclining seats
  • Zippered pockets for phones and other valuable belongings
  • Handle can’t be adjusted to suit different heights
  • Not good for off-road adventures
  • Can’t attach with car seat

Why we like it:The Joovy Scooter X2 offers quality while costing a division of the price of comparable side by side strollers on the market. There are just a few areas of concern with the Joovy Scooter, and many of them will not affect all people. The Joovy X2 is highly rated and seems to give you the best value for your money compared to similar models.

Bumbleride Indie – Best Dual Stroller

Best Side by Side Double Strollers

Fourth is the Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller. I actually liked leaving the infant in the car seat when they are so small. And of course, there are times when perhaps they are sleeping and what’s the sense of waking them up?

Also, I feel they are pretty safe in that car seat. If they get bumped or banged in some way they are going to feel it. Also, there is much less chance of someone bumping into you and you dropping your baby.

Yes, it happens, not much, but it does. So why not minimize the chances. They are nice and comfy and safe in that car seat. So leave them there! The answer for us was the Bumbleride Indie Twin.

The engineers at Bumbleride clearly put a lot of thought into the details of the Indie Twin. You can tell they have learned their lessons of the years very well. Why do I say this? It’s because you can see it in the details.

Technical Features 

  • The foot rests and headrests for the kids actually move independently on the Indie Twin. If you have two kids that are a different size and age, i.e. a toddler and a baby, then this is an absolute must.
  • The handlebar itself can be moved up and down. It’s good to be able to adjust that bar depending on who’s pushing, and it’s smart that it’s easy and quick to do it.
  • The Indie twin is super easy to fold down and pitch in the car. The  the wheels also flip off very easy to make it a little smaller and flatter to stow.
  • This may not seem like a big deal, but having air the tires and a suspension system is a big plus. The air filled tires make travelling or rough terrain like a nature trail easier for the person pushing the stroller.
  • Each Canopy moves independently as well for the same reason.
  • Easy to attach with car seat
  • Easy To fold
  • Air filled tires
  • No automatic lock
  • It is heavy and a little bulky when folded up
  • High Price

Why we like it: This best dual stroller is easy to maneuver and very smooth when going over bumps while walking outside. The double stroller is a very nice unit. It has served our family very well and if I had to do it all over again, I would buy another in a heartbeat. Overall fantastic stroller, quality fabrics & finishes.

Baby Trend Navigator – Best Double Baby Stroller

best double stroller for infant and toddler

Are you someone who is thinking about getting a new stroller that seats your two beautiful children comfortably? Or you’re tired of walking your twins around in two different strollers while you jog on the track? Or is there another little baby on the way, making you worry about getting something that won’t disturb the comfort level of your elder child?

Then look no further because baby trend navigator double jogger is here to save the day. Because of its new build, It can easily and comfortably assist two children car seats. This one is a kind jogging stroller that makes sure your  both children sit with ease and aren’t cramped together while both the stroller seats are in use.

The hind wheels are of 16 inch while the dorsal wheels are of 12 inches that assures a pleasant ride. The new model has a hookup for mp3 with speakers. But the main demerit is the weight and the actual volume of the stroller. It’s quite heavy and as compared to the regular strollers, it occupies more space and area in your storage unit.

Technical Features

  • Accommodates 2 Baby Trend infant Car Seats.
  • Effortless trigger folding easily collapses.
  • Convenient parent tray includes two cup holders, MP3 speakers.
  • Locking front swivel wheel with remote release.
  • Pneumatic bicycle tires, perfect for all terrains.
  • Ratcheting shade canopy for each seat with large storage basket.

Why we like it:This is really pretty cheap for a double jogger. It looks nice and it’s sturdy. Running even with the wheels unlocked is not hard. Locking the wheels would make it better but you would have to lean the stroller back off its front wheels to do anything but an extremely wide turn. You ran briefly with no issues.

Features to Look When Buying Best Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler

Now that you have an idea of the different types of strollers, which may be surprisingly many, the next thing to take into consideration are its features. These can vary depending on the type of stroller so try to determine which you think is most necessary when you are out with your baby on the stroller.

Perfect Fit

One of the first and foremost factors to consider in buying the Best Double Stroller for Toddler and Baby, is to determine first if it will fit your car. How else can you go anywhere with your stroller if it won’t fit your vehicle’s door or interior space right? Note that strollers are one of the rather expensive gear you have to buy for your baby so make sure that you don’t get it wrong from the start.

Measure the dimensions and weight of your car and compare it to the dimensions and weight of the stroller you’re eyeing to purchase. You can easily find this information on the product description of Amazon.


As they are designed to carry two children, double strollers weigh more than the singletons. The lightest among all types are the umbrella ones and the heaviest are the jogging or sit and stand models. These strollers have an average weight of around 30 pounds.

Add that to infant car seats, some accessories and  the weight of your children and well, you can already have a mental picture of the load you’ll be pushing. In choosing the best double stroller, it would be wise to start with the stroller type that you will find not so heavy to push especially when you’re on your own with your kids.

Weight Limits

Apart from getting the stroller’s weight, you need to know how much weight the stroller can carry as well. With double strollers, they can generally support weights ranging from 70 to 100 pounds.

Try to think ahead and imagine the weight of your baby when he or she reaches age one. Will her projected weight be enough for the stroller to carry? Will she still fit in the stroller by then? These questions are important to consider because you’ll want to smartly invest on the best double stroller that will be plenty of use for the years to come.


Accessories come in many kinds and are all designed to make your baby’s stroller experience enjoyable, and equally important, your experience with it as well. All these are there to make it easier and more convenient for you to manage and handle your baby.

The most common accessories found on double strollers are rain or shade covers, screens to protect from insect bites and drink holders. Other more sophisticated accessories are food trays, bag hooks, organizers, car seat base adapters and toys that can be attached to the stroller.

While it may be tempting to have many accessories on your stroller, there is every possibility that having so many may be too much for both you and your baby to handle. In this case, it’s prudent to just choose the ones that you think are most important and needed so that your baby would have a pleasant experience while yours would be stress-free. The goal here is to help you and your baby have an enjoyable and bonding time while using your best double stroller.

Ensuring that the Best Double Strollers are Safe for Baby’s Use

When it comes to buying anything for your baby, your top most concern is of course, how safe it is for your baby to use. As parents, we all naturally want to make sure that anything we’re giving to our baby is nothing but the best. So do your part in making sure that this goal is achieved.

Know the Product

To know how safe a stroller is for your precious bundle of joy, one good step to start with is to check if it has the marked the seal of approval from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). All best double strollers have this mark. Know if it has tried being recalled as well. You can do this by checking out both the websites of the manufacturer and the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission.

Secondly, aside from checking out the product description and dimensions, you’ll learn more about the double stroller reviews of people who have tried using it. So do your research and read about its pros and cons so you can weigh things out and make an informed and intelligent decision with your purchase.

Know the Seller

Find out all that you can about the manufacturer. Read about who they are in their website. How long have they been in the business? How known and established is/are their brand/s? Where are they located? How many sales did they have with the best double stroller you are thinking of buying? Did they have to recall it? This is very important because that’s how you’ll get to know how credible and manufacturer is and if their products can be trusted to be used for your baby.


It’s essential to ensure that every investment you make must have some form of protection for you as the consumer. Check shipping details if it’s free or not, will they pay you back if it arrives with damage (if you ordered it online), years of warranty, where you can get help for repair if the stroller gets broken or where to buy parts if needed. Note that you’ll be most likely using your best double stroller for many years so things like these have to be taken into consideration to save yourself from the headache and expenses later on.

Final Words

So there you have a comprehensive buying guide that gives you all there is to know about and what to consider to help you in your quest to find the Best Double Stroller for Toddler and Baby. As there are many factors involved in making your decision, we can understand that it can a bit daunting but one good tip to keep in mind is to never lose track of your budget limits.

Once you’ve determined that, you can now choose which type of stroller fits your budget. Then you can narrow down your choice to which best fits your lifestyle or environment and finally, which features would suit your needs.

Secondly, make sure to read the double stroller reviews of those brands that made it to your top list. See what users have to say about them and learn more about their pros and cons. There’s nothing more real than a testimonial from a real user of the product.

With that, we bid you a happy shopping and here’s to many equally happy years for you and your babies with the best double stroller you are going to buy.


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