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Do you love jogging and have a little one? Well, don’t look any further; the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller is the perfect choice for you! This quality stroller is not only marvelous for any sport experience, but is great whether you are strolling on the beach or are visiting the zoo and holds it own through congested areas too.

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Technical Features

Wheel on the Go

It comes with a revolutionary front wheel which swivels, but can be locked if you want increased stability whilst jogging or in instances where you are strolling over tough terrain. With its modern and lightweight design it is easy to roll, go or stow wherever you move around.

Accessory Adapter

Another great feature is the Accessory Adapter, if your toddler is not yet ready for the comfortable and roomy seat. This stunning feature can swiftly secure the Bob Infant Car Seat Adapter or even the Snack Tray when your toddler grows older. The great news for parents with twins or two babies with a small age gap is that it is also attainable in the Duallie two-seater model!

Multi-Position Canopy

This sturdy and comfortable stroller also comes with a padded reclining seat, which is adjustable and can be tilted back to 70-degrees from a vertical position. The Single Stroller also comes with a multi-position canopy which offers your toddler protection against the UV rays of the sun and other elements. It has a nice and large viewing window which enables you to keep a watchful eye on your little one.

Guaranteed Smooth Ride With Security

The swivelling front wheel which we mentioned above can rotate fully and offers avant-garde manoeuvrability on every possible surface. With its high-tech suspension your little one is guaranteed a smooth ride on each strolling adventure!

For reliability and comfort the suspension system is created with a 2-position shock absorber design. To keep your little one secure it comes with a 5-point padded harness fitted with fasteners which can be tightened by pull rings which can be used effortlessly.

Stroller Frame

The frame is manufactured from sturdy aluminium alloy offering a two-step folding and folds down into a small compact size which is easily transported or stored. It comes in a durable and easy cleanable fabric which is stain resistant too, whilst you can choose from a variety of colours! This awesome stroller offers different storage options. Its design offers a pocket at the back of the seat as well as two pockets in the interior, whilst a hanging basket beneath it offers storing for various items from snacks, bottles and toys to keys and phones.


The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller weighs 25 pounds. It has a minimum weight recommendation of 5 pounds, whilst the maximum weight recommended is 70 pounds and its shipping weight is 31 pounds.

Buy Online

This quality stroller comes with a 5-year guarantee on its frame and a 1-year warranty on its fabric and smaller parts. It is available at However, the stroller can only be shipped currently within the United States.

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