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Buy Best Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

Fresh air & exercise are important not only for the mother but also for the baby. Exercise helps the mother to reduce the pregnancy weight while fresh air helps baby to grow healthy. Going for a walk with a newborn baby has never been easier but baby trend expedition jogger travel system makes that easy for you.

Baby Trend Expedition Stroller

Baby trend expedition jogger travel system offers you the best design and features of a baby stroller.  Baby Trend Jogger stroller has many types like a simple frame or full size, 2 wheels or 3 wheels. The safety feature of jogging stroller is its best quality as compared to other company’s strollers.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System Review

Simple Frame Stroller

Parents prefer to buy a simple and lightweight baby stroller for the first 0-6 months or so on. However, there are other sizes of strollers also available in the market but the lightweight frame stroller is ideal for Children of age from newborn to 6 months. As it is lightweight and inexpensive, it can also fit in your car seat as compared to large strollers. Large strollers have weight from 10-30 pounds. A lightweight stroller is the best choice especially if you had a C-Section because the baby is too small has less weight as compared to other children. Another advantage of having lightweight stroller is that when fooled it takes very small space in your vehicle either trunk or car. You can take the stroller with you if you are going for a trip. It is difficult for parents to take their newborn baby with them for the outing but this stroller helped them as it not only shared their burden but also help them to put extra luggage under the stroller basket. So, a baby trend expedition jogger travel system is the best choice if you are looking for any size of strollers with a detailed instruction manual.


Baby Trend Single Jogging Stroller

Full-Size Stroller

The full sized stroller is helpful for children’s of a year. But these are costly and cannot be used for long duration. So experts prefer to buy simple and lightweight frame strollers. While minimum and recommended age of using baby trend expedition jogger travel system for your baby is 6 months and the maximum weight that jogger system can bear is 50 pounds. Baby Trend jogger system offers single and double joggers and all of them have the same awesome features. Let’s have a look at the baby trend jogger system features:

Baby Trend Jogging Stroller Features

You can change strollers into a travel system because it accepts baby trend infant cars Adjustable sun canopy Lightweight Frame Foot activated brake Easy compact fold Covered organization tray and parent cup holders Child snack tray with cup holders Large storage basket Multi-position seat with 5 points safety harness 16-inch bicycle back tries and 12-inch swivel front tire.



It is a simple and great stroller for taking walks in part and it is also the most basic model of baby trend 3 years. And it is the most popular jogging stroller because it has been around for many years. Majority recommend it because of its affordable price and sporty looks. It goes different surfaces such as roads, dirt trails, bike trails and cracked sidewalks with ease because of its 16-inches wheels. The majority who bought this stroller are not serious runners but they do love getting out of the brisk walks. The front wheel is important because of its swivel feature for lazy ones but those who prefer to jog, for them the front wheel can lock straight for stability during the jog. The expedition is famous because of its travel system and it is also available in a double stroller for those whom have twin or prefer to buy a double stroller.


It has a sleeker design as compared to the expedition. Stealth has a lightweight aluminum black frame, a premium padded seat in black and the colorful sun canopy. This colorful sun canopy gives Stealth a sporty look. The front wheel is swivel that locks straight for hogging and the back 16-inch wheels help in the super smooth ride. There is no child’s tray in stealth jogging stroller. It has a swing away bumper bar that is best for traveling. It's adjustable sun canopy protects your child from the sun and when it is extended it reaches to the bumper bar. It also has a peek-a-boo window and multi position seat with a safety harness. Stealth has the large basket and can hold all the essentials for the baby. The fold is simple two handed processes. You can remove wheels or bumper bars to save the space and can also fold the frame. This model is between expedition and stealth. Xcel has the sporty look with black aluminum frame and wheels but also has the child’s snack tray with cup holders. Xcel is not a lightweight stroller. Its weight is 28 pounds and also has a multi position strap recline with 5 point safety harness. Xcel rubber tires give you a smooth ride. Its sun canopy is not better as compared to stealth but has a large peek-a-boo window.  One can easily fold Xcel model with no help.


This baby trend jogging stroller is the most economical stroller above all. As its price is less than 100$. It is the ideal stroller for a low price with major features like a basket, child’s snack tray, and parent console. The stroller weighs 27 pounds and has a 4.5-star rating.


Why Buy Expedition Jogger travel System?

You read about all types of jogging strollers with detailed information and also see each one’s feature. But now the real question is, “what is the best jogging stroller for you or your baby?” Well, in my opinion, the expedition is the best for you. As it is lightweight, affordable and most importantly can fit in your car or trunk. It can also run on any kind of surface with smoothly and sun canopy saves your baby from the sun.

Baby Trend Expedition GLX Jogger Travel System, Flex Loc 32lb Car Seat, Peridot
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