Baby Trend Jogging Stroller Review

Baby Trend Jogging Stroller Review

Running is proven to be one of the best exercises you can do for yourself and even better, it is possible to do with your baby. But for most of us, it can take some convincing to get out there and workout. Luckily, there are so many benefits of jogging daily with your stroller – physically, mentally and for your baby. Some of them will last a lifetime and some will provide immediate gratification.

baby trend lightweight stroller

When it comes to baby accessories then one of the most important thing that parents must have is a baby stroller. If you have a single, or a double jogging stroller,  you’re good to go. It gives you an opportunity to bond with your baby.

There are several benefits that you can get from making use of jogging stroller. You, however, need to make sure that you buy the right one if you are to get the most out of it. The fact that there are many brands of jogging stroller means that for you to find the right one, you need to do some research.

Baby trend offers single and double jogging strollers that also share some features. Their common features are mentioned below.

Baby Trend Stroller’s Common Features

  • Easy compact fold
  • Removable tires for travelling
  • Child snack tray and glass holder
  • Adjustable sun canopy
  • Foot brake
  • Large basket for storage under baby seat
  • Multi position reclining baby seat
  • Lightweight frame
  • Baby car seats plus baby jogging strollers. Two in one

Single Baby Trend Jogging Stroller

There are many models of single baby trend jogging strollers available in market. Some of them are as follows:

Baby Trend Single Expedition Jogger Stroller, Carbon

It is 3 wheeler baby trend Single Expedition Jogger Stroller model and is famous for taking brisk walks in parks. Parents recommend this model because it has sporty look and also affordable. It goes smoothly on any kind of surface because of its 16 inches wheels. You can also look the front tire to keep it straight while jogging. It is also available in double seat jogging stroller.

Baby Trend Stealth Jogger Stroller, Cardinal

Its frame is made of lightweight aluminium and its sleeker design in black and red sun canopy gives it sporty look. Its big size 16 inches wheels are good for smooth rides. There is no child try and cup holders are available in Baby Trend Stealth Jogger Stroller as compared to expedition but its wing away bumper bar helps in travelling. Its sun canopy is adjustable and fully extended to bumper bar. You can also fold the frame to save space in your vehicle.

Baby Trend Jogger Stroller, Bubble Gum

Baby Trend Jogger Stroller, Bubble Gum model is in between expedition and the stealth. Its frame gives the sporty look and also it has child’s snack tray and cup holder. It comes up with adjustable 5 point safety harness and sun canopy. If you have a baby, a decent stroller is essential. Swings, slings, and bassinets are all optional baby gear but a light weight pram is a must. Once a baby comes on the scene, simple things like going to your local farmer’s market or getting in thirty minutes of exercise will become challenging feats. Though umbrella strollers have there place, a high quality jogging stroller can save your sanity.

Salient features

Smooth Stroll

The Baby Trend Jogger moves quite pleasantly and provides a mellow jaunting experience, even on uneven, rocky roads and tilted pedestrian walks. The wheels are quite hefty, and are, in fact, bicycle tires so the stride is prim and plump. The only issue that faced was a little shaking on the front wheels. I’m a quick walker and just as I increase my pace, the Baby Trend Jogger didn’t seem to adjust with it. But I fixed the issue by locking up the front wheels, which actually worked, until I had to make a turn on the track which made me lift up the hind wheels.


The hind wheel brakes are located just at your feet. You just have to push the red lever down and the stroller won’t move an inch ahead. I experimented with the brakes on uphill slope while my friend stood alert in case I horribly fail, but I’m very joyous  to mention that the baby stroller cleared the test with flying colors.

Comfortable Seat

Before I entered the mom genre, I assumed all stroller seats were just about same in terms of comfort. You put your baby in, securely buckle them up, and you’re good to go. But I was so wrong. There are a half a million ways to buckle a baby in the seat, and the Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller provides one of the most amazing arrangements.

Having Snack Time

I am ecstatic with the fact that the Single Baby Trend Jogging Stroller has a child’s tray. The tray is super useful, not only for food and drinks, but for your baby to play and rest their tiny arms on. Kids just love tapping on the tray. The Baby Trend’s tray is on screwed on so that it swings open while you put your baby in the stroller.

Storage for Diapers, Snacks & Toys

You will find a super storage place underneath the seat. This is not so big but you can place baby diaper, snacks and toys there. Sometimes its difficult to access the storage place if baby is sitting in the seat.


  • Smooth for walks downtown
  • Easy to push over any type of terrain
  • Easy to fold & unfold
  • Adjustable car seat


  • Storage under seat is a little small
  • It’s pretty big, not as easy fit for smaller cars if you travel

Customer’s Review

We’ve had this stroller for over a year now and love it. We don’t use it for jogging, but for outdoor walks and going through the park. It’s so much easier to push than a traditional stroller and the bicycle tires make it easy to go over rough terrain. Plus it offers a much smoother ride for my son. We put him in it when he is resisting a nap at home and he usually falls right asleep during the ride. The reclining seat is a great feature even for toddlers so they can nap while you push them. Also I’ve never had a problem with the front wheel wobbling. Sometimes it will shake a little if the sidewalk is really bumpy/broken up, but I think that’s pretty normal. By Cosimomo, Parents for 2 kids


Double Baby Trend Jogging Strollers

Expedition Double Jogging Stroller

The baby trend double jogging stroller is a popular choice of the parents who have twins or two children. It provides you smooth ride and also you can enjoy the music as it comes with mp3 hook up speakers.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

Are you someone who is thinking about getting a new stroller that seats your two beautiful children comfortably? Or you’re tired of walking your twins around in two different strollers while you jog on the track? Or is there another little baby on the way, making you worry about getting something that won’t disturb the comfort level of your elder child? Then look no further because baby trend navigator double jogger is here to save the day. Because of its new build, I can easily and comfortably assist two children car seats. This one of a kind jogging stroller makes sure that both your children sit with ease and aren’t cramped together while both the stroller seats are in use. The hind wheels are of 16 inch while the dorsal wheels are of 12 inches that assures a pleasant ride. The new model has a hookup for mp3 with speakers. But the main demerit is the weight and the actual volume of the stroller. It’s quite heavy and as compared to the regular strollers, it occupies more space and area in your storage unit.

Salient Features

Trouble free Pushing

Are you looking for fluid movement? This gem of a stroller comes with the benefit of smooth ride. It provides the children with a tranquil ride similar to floating on clouds. The amazing locking front bend down wheels technology with pneumatic bicycle tires that roll with ease over any surface including sand, gravel plains, grassy area, hills, rocks, and dirt roads.

Bigger wheels make the stroller a great choice for our off-road shenanigans as well as for jogging time. Apart from being a calm ride for kids, it’s super convenient to fold.

Secure Excursion for Twins

Most of the strollers on the market claim to be ideal for twins but what they actually mean are the twins that can understand what they are doing, not infants. This stroller can assist two infant car seats but gives you the choice of installing only one, if you want to. You know what that means? It means the stroller is a great choice for newborn twins, which by the way, no other double baby buggy offers.

As said before, it can also be used with only one infant car seat. Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller is an amazing choice for parents with a toddler and a new baby on the way. I adore the fact that this baby carriage supports one or two flex loc baby car seats.

Snug  Seats

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller is fantastic to be used with children of various age groups. The seats are well cushioned, cozy and my baby looks uber relaxed while sitting in it.

There is a cozy headrest that is cushioned for a more calm and restful feel when the seats are reclined all the way back. Seats recline individually. They lean back to an almost flat position for a completely cozy feel. Both my kids love the reclined seat feature.

5-Point Safety Harness

Do your kids have a restless nature and they can’t sit up at one position? My little one lean forward and move here and there. 5-Point Safety Harness of double stroller safe him from any hurt and secure my little one and older between seats.


Folding and unfolding the stroller is really easy. You can fold stroller in easy steps.  I love the idea of being able to still get exercise in even with two little ones and only one of me.

The Wheels

Comfortable & very easy pushing for jogging; no wheel wobble when front wheels are locked but obviously will not make sharp turns without having to lift the front wheels off the ground. Curves take a little effort but easy to get accustomed to. Unlocked in stroller mode I love the easy, smooth handling & sharp turning capability.


  • Perfect for two kids
  • Easy to open and close
  • Great for long walks or runs
  • Individual adjustable sun screens
  • Quality fabric that’s easy to wash
  • Offers a snack tray and cup holder
  • The storage option is impressive
  • Mp3 player


  • This is a heavy weight stroller
  • It is wide so it’s not great for crowded spaces or shopping in department stores
  • It does take up a ton of space, but that’s to be expected with a double stroller

Customer Review

I loved my single Baby Trend jogging stroller so much that we decided to get this when we had our second baby. I like that it can accommodate my preschooler, toddler as well as my newborns infant seat. It gives a smooth ride, especially when sidewalks and flat surfaces are not an option. I’ve never used this stroller to “jog” but it’s great for off road surfaces.

For some the size may be a deterrent because this is a very heavy stroller. It also doesn’t fit well through most standard width doorways. But for us this is the perfect stroller. My boys are off the charts in height so we require a side by side configuration that gives them leg room. This stroller fits the bill! I’d highly recommend this to anyone that needs a double jogger and has tall children. Jessica H. Parents for 2 kids


Why Buy Baby Trend Jogging Stroller

Baby trend company has been developing the most innovative and usable jogging stroller over the past 25 years. And now it becomes the most recognized brand of the best quality. Their goal is to provide the most reliable product with reasonable price. The following reasons explain why you should have to buy baby trend jogging stroller.

1: Quality

The quality of the baby trend jogging strollers is unmatched and not comparable with other brands when it comes to structure. With the help of advanced technology, these jogging strollers are built with light weight material but also can bear much burden as compared to others baby strollers. No one can beat the baby trend jogging strollers’ quality.

2: Features

Baby trend jogging strollers also come with some extra advanced features. These features include lockable front wheels, reclining and handbrakes features. Lockable front wheel allows stability and comfort in bumpy terrains. The reclining feature help to move the seat either up or down to help your baby to take a nap. Handbrake is for your baby’s security purpose in case on any emergency.

3: Additional Seating Option

Baby trend jogging stroller also comes with extra seat. The optional feature is that it also comes in double seat jogging strollers for those parents who have twins or have more than one child. With the help of double seat baby trend jogging strollers, you can take both children with you.  This feature shows the flexibility of baby trend jogging strollers. So, when you go next time for shopping keep this advanced feature in mind. It will save your time as well as money and space.

Another good reason why you need to start making use of jogging stroller is that they provide the comfort that your baby needs. In addition to that, they play a significant role in ensuring that you baby is safe. The fact that you will be moving around with you baby means that you will be able to properly take care of them. You also need to understand that for you to find the best stroller, you need to go for the one that has the right features.

Newborn Baby Products Shopping

Newborn Baby Products Shopping

Having a baby isn’t hard enough, identifying what to buy for your impending arrival is a annoy you really can do without. In the modern age, there are baby products galore claiming to offer you the world. From a good night’s sleep to hands-free travel, baby accessories have become big business.

Guide for Newborn Baby Products Shopping

Among so many baby products in the market. It’s hard to decide which are useful to buy. To help you find out the best products. We did a parent’s survey and found out these useful 10 baby products for new parents.

Baby Bath for Your New Born

Bathing your new born is not an easy task. New moms often get worried when it comes to bath the infant.  Doing a regular bath is important to keep them fresh and healthy. The best way to give your baby a comfortable bath is to use a soft bath tub. Always select a simple and soft bath that you can easily place under the shower or in bath tub.

Fresh Squeeze Station

Squeeze Station makes it easy to feed the baby without any mess. The infantino Squeeze machine is really good, very useful works exactly as shown easy to use and no mess. It comes with ten squeeze pouches, 1 squeeze station, 3 tubes and 1 press.


You can put generous amount of food in slim and portable size pouches. This product is very exciting for new parents who want to make their own baby purees and a good gift idea. It’s pretty, easy to use, and a clean and sterile way to make healthy pouches.

Lightweight Stroller

Nowadays a baby strollers have become one of the most important accessories for the parents. Find a right stroller for your baby is a tough pick. As a parent you must want a best and comfortable stroller for your child.

Pockit Stroller is lightweight stroller with a glorious fold. You can put it inside a backpack.

It folded down easily and it had the ability to click into a base as a car seat or used as a bassinet that also transformed to a toddler seat. It has a fantastic, durable and soft fabric.

DockATot Deluxe+ Dock

One of the best baby products in your registry is a swiveling bassinet. It is difficult to shake infant in your arms all the time for a good nap. DockATot Deluxe is best to help you. Beautifully designed DockATot creates a comfortable sleeping and napping space for infants. It’s perfect for little ones ages 0-36 months.

You can use DockATot™ for safe co-sleeping, supervised tummy time, play time, snuggle time, supervised naps, as a changing station, or really just any time you need to put baby down in a comforting spot.

Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

The Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym is fantastic and great toy for ‘tummy time’, with lots of interactive points to keep baby busy. It’s worth remembering that newborn babies may not enjoy play gyms to begin with – they can be daunting and over stimulating. But, give it a few weeks and your little one will love kicking the musical piano. The position of the piano can be changed, so little ones can either kick at it while lying down, or reach the keys with their hands once they can sit upright.

Baby Carrier/Sling

A product that helps you live life with baby easily in tow, it’s a baby carrier or sling. Baby carrier is a great way to keep your hands free and enjoying with your babies close to you. Baby sling is a real lifesaver in more ways than one. It helps to keep baby calm and make breastfeeding easy.

Electric Steam Sterilizer

Sterilize is one the useful product that you need on daily basis until your baby reaches about a year old. You need to sterilize all bottles, breastfeeding equipment and teething products before every use in order to kill bacteria and avoid stomach upsets. This may sound daunting and time-consuming but, fortunately, most sterilizers currently on the market are speedy and effective, working in just five minutes.

Portable Swing

A portable baby swing is ideal to comfort and entertain your baby. They’re also great to travel with you on visits to friends and relatives, too. Select a swing that saves space and can be moved easily.

The swing has a timer so it will shut off which is great for battery reservation. It’s safe, comfy and available in super cute colors.

Bottle Warmer

Bottle Warmer is a nice baby gadget. This is a fancy unit designed to steam heat bottles and baby food without hot spots, making it extremely efficient. You need it especially in winter nights when this is hard to go out of blanket. Keep it near your bed and warm milk at night.

It’s adorable and does exactly what you need. Way better than boiling or running bottles under the tap.

Fleece Baby Wrap

Most new parents worry about keeping their little one warm but tiny flailing arm and legs can be difficult to dress for the outdoors. Fleece Baby Wrap is a soft and smooth wrap. You can wrap your baby in it from the time you bring baby at home from hospital.

It zips from the top down so you can do diaper changes without taking them out. It provides warmth and comfort for babies. You’re little one sleep much better in this than the blankets. The larger waist and leg area lets your little one move around.

All these products are worth using for new babies. Buy them online for your new baby.